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The Alei Siach association is directly and continuously supported by the Ministry of Welfare.
The renovation and equipment supply of 104 apartments and 10 employment centers can happen thanks to The connection of The National Insurance Institute and “Kerem Shalem” foundation.



Alei Siach has almost 30 couples in the Ofek Division.

Each couple has their individual and specific needs but all of them are delighted to be able to live like everyone else around them.


The residential projects of Alei Siach number around 90 apartments spread through Yerushalayim, Bnei Brak, Rosh Haayin, Nof Ayalon, Rechalim and Beruchin!  The projects house more than 400 individuals with varying levels of disability.


360 days a year of vacation homes for boys and girls with urgently needed get-aways, while also offering their families some respite.


Alei Siach set up a network of employment options for adults with all types of disabilities over the age of 21. We offer a range of Emplyment optionsof all levels and styles. Beginning with work in a supported environment and ranging across to work in the open workforce



Alei Siach is a home. A home to hundreds of people. Our doors are open 24/7 throughout the entire year. 

The daily schedule in our residential homes, as well as in our employment centers, is carefully structured, up to date and enjoyable.

We put a strong emphasis on full cooperation between residents and staff members, on personal hygiene, tidiness and cleanliness and of course, on a warm, enriching family atmosphere.

A real home. Professionalism with a heart. A unique force.

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Alei Siach in numbers

Employment centers
Participants in
vacation school
Clients at the
“Imanu” center

new at
Alei Siach?

Rabbi Perkal in a debate at the Knesset

Exciting Purim celebrations in Alei Siach Apartments and Employment Centers

Music and Baloons activity with a father of Bnei Brak residents

“Mishloach Manos Ish Lereheu”

Creating masks at Art Class in Bet Shemesh

Mishloach Manos Packages from bais Yaakov School girls

Purim Katan- Baking Hamantaschen in “Haofe” employment center

Special Shabbaton in Yishuv Eli

A special visit took place at the new employment center of Alei Siach in Beit Shemesh

Creating Employment Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs or Autism in Jerusalem

Tu Bishvat in Alei Siach

“A new workshop has been organized for dozens of employment center staff members.”

Alei Siach Staff Picks Vegetables in the South!

Learning Enrichment Day for Alei Siach Staff!

Chanukka Highlights in Alei Siach!

Inspiring War Stories From the Special Needs Community!

Getting ready for Chanukah

Practicing proper behavior in a pizza shop!

Alei Siach special adults sent Delicious Pies to Zaka Volunteers

Rescue developmentally and physical disabled from Southern Israel

Don’t miss out! the holy prayers at the Kotel + 2 tickets to Israel

Summer 2023- a summer packed with excitement!

Summer 2023- a summer packed with excitement!

!A new production in Alei Siach

Once again , Alei Siach and families on a trip to the zoo!!

Wish this special couple Mazal tov!!!

The Tzitzit factory of ‘Alei Siach’ was commemorated in memory of the late Elazar Yitzchak Koltai from the Miron

Alei Siach’s employment center – conference for adult with disabilities

conference for adult with disabilities


The employment center in Yerushalayim
a guided tour
Summary of winter activities 2022
our energetic winter activities at Alei Siach
Ofek Center
a comprehensive program for married couples
A warm summer at Alei Siach
Ari Hill sings for our parents on a wonderful hilltop vacation
Alei Siach
get to know our range of services


The organization’s activities have been recognized and applauded across the board, winning many awards.

These awards keep us constantly aware of the critical importance of the work we have undertaken and the essential role we fill for the individuals we service.

What our parents
have to say…

You saved our home

Our Nati dealing with autism was neither complex nor “challenging”, his autism threatened to tear our home apart. We had no day or night , living in disaster. The other  children expressed distress, we as parents did not have extra  time for the children nor for  ourselves. Just before we finally collapsed, a life saver arrived in the form of A Alei Siach . We learned that they were planning to open an apartment for young boys like our Nati, when we saw that it was a professional and dedicated orgnization, we were willing to try. Within a few weeks we began to breathe new air and restore our lives. We have no words! You saved us! We wish for no one to  experience what we went through.

Thank you for the home you gave Nati and for our new home!

Nati's parents,

in apartment  for young boys with autism in Beit Vagan

תמיד דאגתי מה יהיה אחרי המאה ועשרים שלי

יש לי אחות גדולה – מיוחדת . קוראים לה מנוחי. מנוחי היא סמל ודוגמא בשבילי . מגיל צעיר מנוחי מתמודדת עם מורכבויות שונות שמגבילות אותה, בגבורה אמיתית! לפני שנתיים , מנוחי נכנסה לדירה של בנות עצמאיות בעלי שיח , בשכונת רמות. מאז אני רואה איך מנוחי צומחת ומתקדמת . הרכזת המסורה שדואגת לכל צרכיה מסביב לשעון , המטפלת הרגשית שמלווה אותה פעם בשבוע ונותנת לה כלים וכח ובמיוחד החברה וההווי שיש בדירה – לדעתי זה הסוד לשינוי הגדול שמנוחי חוותה בשנתיים האחרונות. לאחורנ הממש מנוחי טסה עם קבוצה של בנות מעלי שיח – אפילו קצת קנאתי בה.. אני רוצה להודות לעלי שיח על כל העשייה שלהם למען אחותי ושאר חברותיה! יישר כח..

אחות של מנוחי

מדירת שיקום ברמות, ירושלים.

I always worried about what would happen after my 120...

Shimi, is our youngest son of 10 kids,  born with Down syndrome. We raised him with love and devotion, but already when he was a little baby I would look at his pure face and worry would fill my heart, who will take care of him when I won’t be able anymore? After all, he will forever be dependent and limited… I was constantly concerned until one day I discovered that a special family lives in the building next to me – an apartment of Alei Siach. I followed them through my home window from the morning when they left for work , at noon when the counsler  greeted them warmly, and even on Shabbos  I would follow what was happening. Since then I knew I had found a home for Shimi. When I see Shimi packing his suitcase on Motzei Shabbos and looking forward to returning to his apartment in Ramot, I understand him perfectly, he misses home:)

Shimi’s Mother,

Alei Siach’s home for people with Intellectual disabilities in Ramot.

Rabbi Perkal in a debate at the Knesset
Exciting Purim celebrations in Alei Siach Apartments and Employment Centers
Music and Baloons activity with a father of Bnei Brak residents
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