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The residential projects of Alei Siach number around 90 apartments spread through Yerushalayim, Bnei Brak, Rosh Haayin, Nof Ayalon,
Rechalim and Beruchin! The projects house more than 400 individuals with varying levels of disability.

We have separate groups for boys and girls and provide a warm, welcoming home for every individual.
Our professional staff accompany each of our residents throughout their hours in the apartment with loving care and ensure that all their needs are met.

Cognitive disabilities apartments

32 Apartments

Autism apartments

25 Apartments

Elderly apartments

5 Apartments

Rehabilitation apartments

15 Apartments

Ofek - apartments for married couples

23 Apartments

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As you walk in through the door, the first thing you’ll feel is the warm family atmosphere. The residents live together, enjoy each other’s company and interact just like real siblings. 

We have a well-balanced daily routine including work, play and enrichment activities, private and group therapy sessions and most importantly – a lot of one-on-one attention for every member of our group. Because in our home, every individual is treated as an only child.

Watching our residents return from work is such a pleasure! They come in, throw their shoes off, flop down on the couch and just – make themselves at home!

A fully-encompassing
professional program.

Unique new projects

Learning Halachos
in Alei Siach

Our unique booklet produced for our residents.

In a unique, highly-invested project, the Alei Siach department for recreation produced Halacha booklets focused on studying a daily Halacha. The booklets are divided into two levels and include a set of stickers which at the higher level are illustrative pictures and at the lower level are eye-opening stories


The Lotan Project


Study and support for married couples.

Many parents of disabled children reach a turning point in their lives where they spend restless nights wondering “Is my child ready for marriage? How would we go about it?”

The Lotan project was set up for this very purpose – to provide the framework and support necessary for complex marriages to succeed.


Each year we choose a theme for our yearly social entertainment program for all our apartments and employment centers. This year we chose the theme “veahavta – you should love”: Love yourself, love your friends, love other people and, of course, love Hashem.  Throughout the year we run activities connected to our theme – activities, trips, fun projects, social evenings and more!  All of them focused on connecting to yourself, other people and Hashem.

Contact information
in the residential sector

לבית שלנו נכנסים רק המצוינים

Gita Mondri

Director of Residential Housing and Chief Development Officer

Esti Brook

Director of Residential Housing for Autism, Jerusalem

Gila Melul

Director of Boys Division A

Avi Ohana

Director of Country-style Residential Living

Aryeh Sklar

Director of Country-style Residential Living

Chani Manewitz

Director of Country-style Residential Living

Yehudit Malachi

Director of Girls Division A

Tali Biton

Director of Ofek marige

Efrat Ohayon

Director of the “Imanu” Program

Malky Itzkowitz

Group Director in “Ofek” Program for married couples

Batsheva Anton

Group Director in “Ofek” Program for married couples

Hodaya Kiraf

Shadchanit for the “Imanu” Program

Rabbi Perkal in a debate at the Knesset
Exciting Purim celebrations in Alei Siach Apartments and Employment Centers
Music and Baloons activity with a father of Bnei Brak residents
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