Giving families pockets
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Welcome to the Vacation Project
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The Alei Siach Vacation Project provides an excellent and enjoyable solution for children and adults with disabilities who live at home with their parents. This time out can be a lifesaver for families who put so much effort into every aspect of their child’s life, giving them a chance to rest and recover their energy.

The enormous challenge in keeping an individual with disabilities at home with their family can put an enormous pressure on the family. In many cases, it means being on duty around the clock. It can be hard to find time for the needs of the rest of the family.

The vacation project has been set up to give these families the break that they need. It is open 360 days a year, including Shabbos and YomTov. It gives families a chance to breathe, to rejuvenate and to spend time relaxing as a family, all the while knowing that their child is in the safest hands possible.

Some wonderful moments:

Vacation 365 days a year

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So how do you
access this project?

The Vacation Project is recognized and funded by the Welfare Ministry.
Every child who is recognized by the Welfare Ministry is entitled to 15 vacation days a year. To make use of this right, you should turn to the social worker at your local community Welfare Center and request placement for days of vacation.
Please note: Over Chagim and school vacation, we strongly recommend that you send in your application as early as possible so that we can provide the best solution for you.

Our Staff

Only the very best staff enter our home.

Alei siach main office

Gita Mondri

Director of Residential Housing and Chief Development Officer

Esti Brook

Director of Residential Housing for Autism, Jerusalem

Gila Melul

Director of Boys Division A

Avi Ohana

Director of Country-style Residential Living

Aryeh Sklar

Director of Country-style Residential Living

Chani Manewitz

Director of Country-style Residential Living

Yehudit Malachi

Director of Girls Division A

Tali Biton

Director of Ofek marige

Efrat Ohayon

Director of the “Imanu” Program

Malky Itzkowitz

Group Director in “Ofek” Program for married couples

Batsheva Anton

Group Director in “Ofek” Program for married couples

Hodaya Kiraf

Shadchanit for the “Imanu” Program


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