Our DCD apartments have been set up for young adults
with developmental cognitive disabilities.
There are approximately 6 residents in each apartment who are
grouped according to their respective levels of functioning.

We pride ourselves on the quality of life we provide for our residents.
Our apartments are carefully selected both for their aesthetic appearance and for their accessibility.

A glimpse into the life in our apartments.

Our motto is:

Every person has hidden strengths.
Our job is to reveal those strengths

Our daily routine

Our residents go to work at various employment centers in the mornings and return home in the afternoon.  The counselors on duty welcome them home and listen to their accounts of their day.
During the afternoon there are time slots for all para-medical needs including occupational therapy, speech therapy etc according to each individual education plan.
We also provide whichever hobbies and occupations each person enjoys. 
We have enrichment activities a number of times a week including sports, crafts, cooking and music.
Chores make up an integral part of our daily routine.  Residents take turns cleaning, cooking and tidying according to a chore roster drawn up at the beginning of the week.
You’d be surprised to see that even residents who are not high-functioning, take their turn and enjoy a sense of satisfaction from a job well done!

Health is of
paramount importance

All our apartments practice a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet built under the guidance of a dietician and an emphasis on fitness including daily exercises, group walks and trips to the gym.

We are well aware of the different health challenges which face many of our residents. We keep a close eye on all medical aspects to prevent and treat problems before they can escalate. All our residents do blood tests at fixed intervals and our nurse checks the results and adjusts medical advice accordingly.

Our residents are important to us – we care about their health!

Making dreams
come true.

In our apartments, dreams really can come true.

Even people with cognitive disabilities have dreams and ambitions. We make every effort to help them turn those dreams into reality, fulfilling the potential that each of them holds within.

Case study: Talya Cohen from the DCD apartment, medium functioning. Talya dreamed of being a singer. She can now see a clip of herself singing a solo recorded at a professional recording studio.

Case study: Avreimi Shachar from the boy’s apartment is achieving his life’s dream. He is flying to England to see the Changing of the Guards.

Case study: Avi Antebe can’t stop talking about his wonderful experience. Avi was allowed into the Knesset to meet with the Knesset members.

When it comes to making people happy, even the sky is not the limit.


Our Staff at the
DCD apartments

Chaya Levi

Director of the B branch for autism and head nurse

Rabbi Perkal in a debate at the Knesset
Exciting Purim celebrations in Alei Siach Apartments and Employment Centers
Music and Baloons activity with a father of Bnei Brak residents
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