Vacation 365 days a year

Vacation Apartment

Vacation 365 days a year

This apartment is situated in Pisgat Zeev, Yerushalayim. The apartment services children and adults with varying levels
of cognitive and physical disabilities and is open around the year.
Many families choose to send their children to the vacation apartment at weekends or vacation times so that they can focus
on the needs of the rest of their family. It’s very difficult to spend quality family time when dealing with the complex needs of a child with disabilities.

Fun times at our vacation apartment!

Our motto is:

We are here to give
special families a chance
to catch their breath!

A break for parents,
fun for their child

When participants in the vacation program come home after a day at work or at school, they enjoy a comprehensive after-hours program suited to their needs and level of function. There are activities in parks, nature studies, cooking together, computer games and much more.


During their stay in the apartment, we take care of all the needs of our clients – from the correct diet to medical care when necessary. We receive the exact information of their needs from their parents when they arrive and the instructions are followed to the letter by all members of staff.

We operate an open door policy

We are delighted to welcome individuals from all streams of Israeli society. We hold provision of equal care as a top priority of the organization.

An unparalleled staff

Our staff are experienced, invested and completely dedicated. They receive ongoing training during the time they are working with us, acquiring the necessary skills to give every one of our clients the top-level care they deserve.

Our expertise is in creating a feeling of “home” even when that home is only temporary.


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