Our History

Our History

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Forging new pathways

Alei Siach was founded by Rav Chaim Perkal 30 years ago. In those days, there were no institutions for special needs children in the religious communities. Not only that, but often having a child with special needs was a stigma that the family had to deal with.

The early years in the Perkal household with their daughter Rivky, diagnosed with autism, were so difficult that, together with a few other parents, they set up Alei Siach to provide an unprecedented solution for the wider community struggling with this immense challenge.

The beginning was slow and difficult. One step forward, three steps back. Bureaucracy, complaints from the neighbors, more bureaucracy, but eventually the first apartment in Har Nof opened, providing residency for six disabled teenage girls.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, change began to creep in to the attitude of the community towards these special children. Many families began to feel pride in their special child and privileged to be chosen to bring up this elevated neshama. At the same time, more and more parents began to turn to Alei Siach with requests for suitable living facilities for their children. The second apartment opened up in the GIvat Mordechai neighborhood. As people saw how successful this setup was, the demand continued to grow.

And the rest is history!

Over the years, Alei Siach has expanded into a huge empire providing for many cities, ages and services. Tens of apartments have been opened, employment centers and rehabilitation services have been set up, hundreds of parents have found a solution for their children which has changed their lives unimaginably.  In spite of the incredible size of Alei Siach, the authentic family feeling is still there. The spirit of the founders has swept across cities, inspired teams of staff and encouraged parents. The theme remains the same: to respect every person, to believe in their abilities and to love them as an only child.


Alei Siach has branches across the country and provides a solution for more than a thousand adults and children with varying disabilities.

“When my daughter, Rivka’le was born, all our priorities in life changed. In the merit of this child, we founded the Alei Siach empire for individuals with special needs and their families. We founded Alei Siach from the viewpoint of “Mommy and Daddy” who want the best for their child and we’ve kept it that way to this day.

We believe that every single child, teenager and adult deserves to have a warm, nurturing place they call home. At Alei Siach, every  individual is a child of “Mommy and Daddy” and we ensure that they feel that way every minute that they live with us.”   

(Rabbi Chaim Perkal, founder and CEO)

Rabbi Perkal in a debate at the Knesset
Exciting Purim celebrations in Alei Siach Apartments and Employment Centers
Music and Baloons activity with a father of Bnei Brak residents
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