A few of our special projects are listed below:

The Champions League

Alei Siach’s basketball team is one of our most popular extracurricular activities. Our residents play on a league-level basketball team against other teams. Alei Siach started the first-ever basketball league in Israel that is inclusive to people with special needs, in partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality. The league now has 8 teams from various organizations and the games take place in community centers throughout Jerusalem.

Not only do our residents learn about teamwork and experience the thrill of competition and pushing themselves, they form bonds with people in the broader community who come to cheer them on. Both our residents and those in the mainstream community treasure these organic interactions. Alei Siach is committed to integration of people with special needs into mainstream society, and our basketball team is an excellent example of this value in action.

The Alei Siach Choir

Performing on stage fosters teamwork among the participants, who learn to pay attention to those singing alongside them, as well as how to tailor their performance to the audience.

Therapeutic gardening

Participants get hands-on experience growing plants, learning about different species and most importantly, a crucial lesson in patience and perseverance. Gardening diligently for weeks and months and finally seeing the blossoming end result helps participants learn that hard work pays off. Some of the plants grown by residents are sold in retail stores.

Animal therapy

Participants enrich their knowledge of the animal world and get a major confidence boost through caring for animals. This program helps them develop relationships with the world around them and gives them a significant sense of responsibility.