Social Impact

The social impact of Alei Siach’s programs are of utmost importance to us. Our all-inclusive solutions are meant to affect the “big picture” of our client’s lives – that’s why we use a multi-pronged approach that addresses both their physical needs as well as their emotional and social needs.

Through programs like the Alei Siach basketball team, we raise awareness in the wider community about the strengths and abilities of people with special needs. Our vocational training program aims to graduate our clients into mainstream work. We offer an extensive range of off-campus activities for our residents, bringing them into community centers used by the general population. This leads to our residents making connections and building relationships with those in the wider community.

By making inclusion and integration into broader society one of our top priorities, we aren’t simply taking care of the day-to-day needs of our clients – we are affecting a revolution in how society, especially the religiously observant part of the Israeli population, views people with special needs. Our ultimate goal is for acceptance and inclusion of people with special needs as a part of mainstream society to be the standard.