Our Story

Alei Siach is committed to providing a true home for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities because the organization was born of personal need. Almost 30 years ago, Rabbi Chaim Perkal, encouraged by his wife Rachel, founded Alei Siach following the birth of their daughter Rivky. Rivky was born with a severe Autism Disorder and at that time, few frameworks were available for observant children and adults with special needs.

Today, Alei Siach provides loving care for those needing at-home assistance in a homelike environment and helps our clients achieve their full potential and maximum independence through our various programs and initiatives.

Our Mission

Enable people with special-needs to attain their maximum independence

Provide an all-inclusive package of services needed by the special-needs community: housing, vocational training, job opportunities and social experiences

Help families who have children with special-needs maximize their government benefits

Continue effecting a special-needs revolution in the religious world through our various initiatives, such as our Ofek marriage program

Help society appreciate individuals with special-needs as community assets

Working towards full integration and acceptance of the special-needs community within the broader population

Our Story & Mission
Our Story & Mission