Health Plan

Alei Siach’s Healthcare Manager Ms. Haya Levy personally ensures that each resident receives the right wellness care while living in our assisted-living facilities. We craft a personal health plan that’s carefully tailored to our residents’ needs. Everything from personalized diets, gym memberships and regular group fitness classes, and even the Alei Siach marathon team, are part of our health plans. Our staff is professionally trained, providing medical support in collaboration with the District Health Bureau.

Our staff members make regular visits to the apartments, monitor residents with medical conditions and build treatment plans for clients during regular staff meetings. The residents’ parents are always kept up-to-date about the health of their children and we consider the parents to be full partners in making medical decisions for their children.

What We Offer

Building a personalized medical plan for each resident, in accordance with the Ministry of Social Services and ISO standards.

Physical Therapy: We identify residents in need of physical and/or rehabilitative physiotherapy and create a personal treatment plan personalized to them. 

Physical Fitness Plans, such as gym memberships, walking groups, Hydrotherapy and swimming, group personal training and martial arts.

Communication Clinics: We detect and diagnose difficulties in hearing, speaking, understanding, and swallowing. For our residents who need help in these areas, we provide personalized therapeutic responses, including referrals to specialists.

Occupational Therapy: Residents have access to occupational therapy, to improve their functioning and motor skills.

Emotional Therapy: Residents have access to psychological counseling and support from social workers, couples therapy for married couples, music therapy and more.

Psychiatry: Residents have access to a leading psychiatrist who visits bi-weekly for appointments. As well, the psychiatrist regularly provides guidance to parents and staff.

Nutrition: We train our counselors and residents on how to maintain a proper diet, build custom meal plans with our in-house dietitians, and run cooking groups.

Providing residents with the correct accessibility to fit their needs, and making sure they are placed into wheelchair-accessible apartments.

Dental care: We provide full dental care for our clients, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Services.

Geriatric care and counseling for elderly residents.  Many of our residents with special needs start dramatically feeling the effects of again when they are around 50 years old. 

Periodic (routine) medical examinations of the residents.