Home Away From Home

Alei Siach’s assisted living facilities consist of 75 apartments located throughout Jerusalem neighborhoods, housing some 350 residents with special needs. Because our apartments are home for the long term, placing our residents in the right apartment for them is our highest priority. We make sure to place our residents in the apartment where we feel they would be the best fit, based on their potential social integration, with the goal for them to form deep bonds with their apartment mates.

We also consider our resident’s abilities and the amount of care they need. Some of our apartments have counselors who serve as a helping hand and are on-site for a few hours a day. Some of our residences function nearly autonomously, and some apartments have counselors on site 24/7 for full-time supervision and care. There are appropriate apartments for all levels of ability.

All of our residents participate in enrichment programs to help them maximize their abilities on all levels – emotional, cognitive and day-to-day functioning. We are proud to know that our residents feel at home, and are happy to come home after a day at work or school.

The apartments are exquisitely designed and furnished, with outdoor areas including balconies and/or gardens. Dedicated staff members are available 24/7 offering whatever help and guidance our residents need, and are committed to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.