Vocational Opportunities

In 1989, Rabbi Chaim Perkal opened the first Alei Siach apartment for his daughter Rivky. As the needs of our residents grew, so did we. Ten years later, Alei Siach established its first workplace for individuals with special needs. It soon blossomed into six locations with four centers in Jerusalem, one in Bnei Brak and our newest one in Ashdod. Our centers and programs employ 320 individuals spanning a wide range of populations with 60 companies participating in our Job Placement program.

We carefully place each individual into the right employment framework that best enables them to maximize their potential. Alei Siach offers 4 employment tracks, suited for different levels of ability. Oftentimes, as our clients develop their skills and progress in their work ability, they graduate to a higher track.

Vocational Training

Our ultimate goal is to graduate students from our programs in order for them to enter the mainstream job market. In this program, we accompany soon to be employees who are able to integrate into normative workplaces. Our trainees are educated at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, where they are employed after successfully completing the training period. We take care of their adjustment into the work world and provide ongoing guidance.

Job Placement and Assisted Employment

This framework is designed for those with very high levels of work ability, who can be integrated into the business world with minimal supervision. Our primary focus is to provide employees and employers with initial placement and adjustment services and to foster the worker’s nearly complete independence. In fact, within this framework we insist that our clients are treated as regular employees. We make sure that our client has the appropriate skills for the job at hand and can provide the right services suited to the employer’s needs.

Integrated Work Facility

This center employs adults with strong work abilities. These facilities serve as an outsource center for various companies in Israel. This population requires limited assistance with accomplishing their work goals and thus these centers are staffed accordingly.

Adult Day Center

The level of functioning of those employed at these centers is typically lower. These centers focus on improving functional skills and as they progress, they can graduate to a more advanced employment track. Work is carried out in a small group setting. People who work at these centers receive various therapies, including occupational therapy, art therapy, physical therapy and more. They also participate in enrichment activities like gardening, music, art, etc. Therapeutic programs are the main focus of these centers and the time devoted to “work” is shorter than in our other centers.