Cultural & Leisure Activities

Community inclusion and integration is of utmost importance to Alei Siach, as it promotes equality and enables every person with special needs to feel a sense of belonging.

In line with this ethos, Alei Siach offers an extensive variety of cultural and accessible leisure activities to residents, which take place in our assisted living facilities and external centers within the surrounding communities. The focus of these activities is to empower the individual and enhance their development both functionally and socially.

Off-campus activities

Alei Siach’s basketball team is one of our most popular extracurricular activities. Our residents play on a league-level basketball team against other teams. Alei Siach started the first-ever Jerusalem basketball league that is inclusive to people with special needs, and in a partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality, the league now has a number of other teams. The games take place in community centers throughout Jerusalem. Not only do our residents learn about teamwork and experience the thrill of competition and pushing themselves , they form bonds with people in the broader community who come to cheer them on. Both our residents and those in the mainstream community treasure these organic interactions. Alei Siach is committed to integration of people with special needs into mainstream society, and our basketball team is an excellent example of this value in action.

Other off-campus activities include computers, art, swimming, inclusive drama classes, therapeutic horseback riding and more.

Seasonal Trips and Activities

These excursions include nature walks as well as trips centered on Jewish holidays – planting trees on Tu B’Shvat, visiting a matzah factory before Pesach, and shul-hopping during Selichot. Once a year, family members join Alei Siach residents for a moving, empowering and unforgettable joint hike.

Summer Activities and Trips Abroad

Alei Siach provides summer activities include our summer camps offering fun-filled programming during the months of July and August. Other group activities include vacations within Israel as well as to various European and African countries.