Alei SiachA Special Home for Special People

Based in Jerusalem, Alei Siach is one of the largest organizations in Israel providing all-inclusive solutions for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities and their families. Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to attain their maximum independence. We provide marital assistance, residential care, vocational training, employment opportunities, social activities and integration within the broader community.

Some of our central programs include:

Ofek Marriage Program

The Ofek [“horizon”] Marriage Program is a groundbreaking initiative. We inspire our residents to be independent and a part of society to the best of their abilities. At this crucial junction in their lives, we assist couples with disabilities in establishing their marital homes in Jerusalem. Our assistance begins from the time the couple is engaged, to their wedding day and then day-to-day life in their new home. We do our utmost to ensure a couple’s independence and privacy as we assist them in navigating the intricacies of marriage.

Home Away From Home

Alei Siach’s assisted living facilities are 75 apartments located throughout Jerusalem, housing some 350 residents with special needs. Because our apartments are home for the long term, placing our residents in the right apartment for them is our highest priority. Some of our residences function nearly autonomously, and some apartments have counselors on site 24/7 for full-time supervision and care. There are appropriate apartments for all levels of ability.

Vocational Opportunities

Alei Siach offers 4 employment tracks for individuals with special needs, suited for different levels of ability. Oftentimes, as our clients develop their skills and progress in their work ability, they graduate to a higher track. We carefully place each individual into the right employment framework that best enables them to maximize their potential.


When new residents are admitted to Alei Siach’s assisted living apartments, we interview them and their parents about the current state of the client’s health, as well as fully examine and investigate their entire medical history. This helps us craft a personal health plan that’s carefully tailored to our residents’ needs, including everything from the ideal diet for the resident to fitness and physical therapy. Our staff is fully and professionally trained in providing medical support and works with the District Health Bureau.

Our staff members make regular visits to the apartments, monitor each resident’s medical condition and build treatment plans for clients during regular staff meetings. The residents’ parents are always kept up-to-date about the health of their children and we consider the parents to be full partners in making medical decisions for their children.

About Us
About Us